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A luxury, self care experience with a down to earth vibe. We help women cultivate a sense of confidence, connectedness, and empowerment through a focus on gorgeous hair, glowing skin, natural nails, and a warm environment.

Meet the Team.

"Artemis Color Lounge is the most trendy intimate salon I’ve ever been to! The moment you walk in there is this calming sense. Erin has done an amazing job with her space and creating a great one-on-one experience with her clients. She is truly the best; from color to cuts and everything in between. Not only does she do the best work but always makes sure to keep your hair healthy in the process. I always look forward to having my hair done by Erin and visiting Artemis Color Lounge!"

-Ashley Brohm (West Lafayette)


105 South Union St.

Delphi, IN. 46923





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